Meerah –By Monika

Meerah means ‘Princess’

Welcome to an enchanted world where inspirations from around the world come together to life. Ancient cultures, a unique forgotten relic, a sensual dance, an exotic fabric, a sudden burst of  rain – all capture the very soul of each inspiration

Monika, is the soul behind Meerah-The Jewellery Boutique. She is Pranic healer and Arhatic practitioner.

Diamonds & Gemstones have always fascinated her. It’s always been her dream to be able to create beautiful, timeless, jewellery for people to enjoy and treasure. With an expert craftsmanship we immortalize them in fine designs of gold, diamond and precious stones.

Meerah is not merely a jewelry boutique but an exclusive gallery of fine art, where each exquisitely crafted piece is a souvenir of  Meerah’s journey – Where discerning customers can share in the history of these remarkable pieces. 

At Meerah we work with a combination of modern and traditional jewellery styles.  It is both a product and a designer brand and is created for the design-seeking woman. The designs Meerah carries, are a combination of  bold, organic shapes with beautiful tactile finishes along with sleek, modern, personalization. Each piece is designed with individuality and comfort in mind.

I am so happy to be able to create Meerah a jewellery boutique for the ‘Princess’ of today which celebrates people’s memories and life events every day. 

I believe jewelry is sentimental, personal, unique, timeless, a reminder, a gift.... a moment in time...

Welcome to the world of  Meerah by Monika. 

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